Virtual Workshop: Pricing and Design by Sweet Root Village

Virtual Workshop: Pricing and Design

Course Contents:

Introduction to Course
Before You Begin
Centerpiece Lecture with Amy
Choosing Ingredients and a Color Palette
21 mins
Mechanics _ Preparing Your Vase
14 mins
Designing the Centerpiece
51 mins
Live Student Feedback
11 mins
Class Discussion
16 mins
Bouquet Lecture with Amy
Preparing Your Bouquet
34 mins
Spiral Bouquet Technique
18 mins
Designing the Bouquet
52 mins
Finishing the Bouquet
10 mins
Pricing and Staffing Lectures with Sweet Root
Pricing for Profitability
(1h 50m 29s)
Staffing and Growth
(1h 27m 20s)
When You've Finished
Leave a Testimonial
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