A one hour, live video mentoring session with Lauren and Rachel from Sweet Root Village. A true, real time ask me anything

What Should We Talk About?

Burning business questions? A few extra brains to bounce a big idea by? Planning out a big week? Expanding? Maybe you just need someone to vent to who will understand... Whatever the need, we got you friend!

What to Expect:

Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email from us to schedule your time slot and a link to a preliminary questionnaire. Once confirmed, you will receive a link to join a video chat where Lauren and Rachel will meet with you on your designated date and time. 

This time is all yours! We are completely here for you to chat about anything under the sun. We are an open book and whatever we can fit into our time together is on the table. 
Book Your Session Now!
"Ever since Rachel and Lauren have been offering hourly mentorship calls, I've been booking as many as I possibly can- and I'm not even a florist!! Why? Because they are savvy and brilliant entrepreneurs who not only know how to run a crazy-successful-seven-figure business with a cult following, but they have an eerie understanding of what's coming "next" and they are the smartest marketers I know. Honestly, I would happily pay four times what they charge because the ROI I get from every call with them is through the roof. Book now – it's the best money you'll spend on your business this year." 
Torrance Hart
"Booking a mentoring session with Lauren and Rachel  was the best thing I could have done for my business at that time. I was at a point in my business where I was executing multiple large weddings in the same weekend, sometimes the same day. I was struggling with efficiency, delegation, and not having solid systems in place for the multiple teams I was running. 

Lauren and Rachel knew some of my questions in advance and came to the session super prepared to help. I felt I maximized my session and walked away with an amazing amount of confidence because I had a new system that I could tweak specifically for our needs. We don’t do a single event without incorporating the things I learned from them during that session, more than a year later. 

Lauren and Rachel are an open book, I felt heard and understood and left with all the tools I needed to execute multiple high quality events with teams in the most efficient way on the same day!  

Additionally, I had the opportunity to ask them many HR questions as I’m a sole owner of my business. Often in this position there’s no one to ask these questions to. I was grateful to hear how they handle certain situations within their team all the while encouraging growth of each individual."
Toni Reale
"Rachel and Lauren are the epitome of FUN LEARNING! Their sense of humor makes asking any question totally fine! During our mentoring session they shared how they go about certain avenues in their business and gave valuable advice and suggestions on how to incorporate those facets into my business! They don’t hold back and there are no “secrets!” I will be booking another session soon as I have grown and have more questions since my last session!"
LeeTycha Baham

A Little Bit About Us

Sweet Root Village began over a glass of wine and dreams of a creative and wonderful future doing what we love most: floral design and building community. Our studio space in Alexandria, VA is where all the magic happens. We have an amazing team that shares our passion for life and for people, and we couldn’t be more excited to share all we've learned as we all continue to grow together.

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