Floral Education Membership

Unlimited access to floral recipes, mechanics details, and monthly mastermind video meetings. 

Bloom Tier

A monthly minimum of 4 downloadable detailed floral recipe sheets! Each recipe post includes images, vase sources, floral product sources that coordinate with the seasons, as well as descriptions of our process and explanation of mechanics. You can expect an even mix of bouquet designs, centerpieces, and installations of all varieties.
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Business Tier

In addition to the benefits from the Bloom Tier, Business subscribers receive access to two monthly, casual mastermind meetings with Lauren and Rachel. These group virtual meetings happen the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month, each lasting one hour to discuss all things flowers/business. Collect all your questions and touch base with us live up to twice a month to stay on track!
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"Literally answered all my questions. I feel ready to do so many of these things... The information and the details you have, as a newish florist who wants to take on more ambitious projects, is priceless."
Subscriber of the Bloom Tier
"Signing up for the subscription service was the best decision ever! Each month I have an opportunity to create a beautiful design and continue to develop my design style and skill. It’s a great way to obtain quality, on demand training from industry pros that I admire. I highly recommend the educational tools offered by Sweet Root Village."
Nichole Anderson
"Being able to touch base with you ladies really helps me feel like I’m doing my business right. This is my first time owning a business and I feel like I’m shooting from the hip most of the time. You’ve helped to give me benchmarks to strive for."
Subscriber of the Business Tier
"As a seasoned event floral designer, it’s even more important to remain educated and open to learn from others.  When Sweet Root Village announced that were staring a monthly education membership program where they would include recipes, tutorials and answer questions about each design, it was a no brainer.  Regardless of how much experience you have, you will always learn new tips.  The recipes are an amazing  resource, as over ordering product is always an issue for me.  It’s also really neat to get an indication of what some of the larger installs should be priced at, undercharging is definitely something I like to do. This educational platform is perfect for designers and florists of all levels and so worth the monthly investment!  I just wish I would’ve found this years ago! I highly recommend you give it a try!"
Myrna Taylor

Perfect for Event Florists

Especially if you are just getting started in the industry or if you are needing some fresh inspiration or maybe just a check in with yourself to feel like you are on the right track. We are here for you.

Behind the Scenes

On top of the downloadable recipe documents that include imagery and the list of product with stem counts and sources....

We do our best to include detailed explanations of mechanics and our process for each and every recipe! Along with as many direct links as we can do where we've purchased supplies and vases!

And when we have the content, we include all kinds of behind the scenes images and sometimes video to give you the full package!


What do I have access to when I subscribe?

You will have access to all content that we've ever posted in your chosen tier for as long as you are subscribed!

Do I have to subscribe for a certain number of months?

Not at all! You can subscribe for ten days. You can subscribe for ten years. You can subscribe for two months and then stop and then start again a few months later! There are no restrictions or rules whatsoever.

Additional Questions?

Get in touch! Happy to talk things through with you!
Email us at thevillage@sweetrootvillage.com

A Little Bit About Us

Sweet Root Village began over a glass of wine and dreams of a creative and wonderful future doing what we love most: floral design and building community. Our studio space in Alexandria, VA is where all the magic happens. We have an amazing team that shares our passion for life and for people, and we couldn’t be more excited to share all we've learned as we all continue to grow together.

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